Retainer Packages

We offer a few different tiers of retainer packages for you to choose from. If you find that one of our packages does not align with what you are looking for, then please reach out to us so we can discuss how we can help you.



  • 3 hrs per month
  • 1 sprint meeting



  • 5 hrs per month
  • 1 sprint meeting
Save 10%



  • 10 hrs per month
  • 2 sprint meetings
Save 15%



  • 20 hrs per month
  • 2 sprint meetings
Save 25%



  • 40 hrs per month
  • 4 sprint meetings

What is a retainer?

A retainer is a recurring subscription model where you pay a certain amount each month to secure our time for X number of hours. A retainer includes basic website maintenance, but also goes much further beyond and can be utilized to fix ongoing bugs, add new features, keep up with SEO, or stay on top of site speed optimization as just a few examples.

Each retainer package comes with a number of meetings that we call “sprints” or “sprint meetings”. This varies per retainer level and determines the number and frequency of sprint meetings we will hold. The purpose of sprint meetings is to make sure that our priorities are aligned and accurate. It allows us some flexibility to change things on the fly a bit if more urgent matters come into play. Sprint meetings are flexible to meet your needs and are not billed towards your total sprint hours. A sprint meeting will typically last around 30 minutes. Regular retainer hours reset each month and unused hours are not transferred over to the next sprint. The sprint meeting schedule for each retainer package is defined as follows.

Plan Name # of Meetings Frequency
Bronze 1 Monthly
Silver 1 Monthly
Gold 2 Every 2 weeks
Platinum 2 Every 2 weeks
Diamond 4 Weekly